By Frances Gonzalez-Boyd - Hardin Simmons Alumna | December 1, 2016

So many rapid changes that transpired in 2016. Our country became vulnerable in the face of the enemy raging and escaping. Spreading its hateful virus where least expected taking innocent lives, and injuring many. The face of a monster blemishing those weak souls that have somehow lost touch with life. {{more}}The year that made history with laws that passed which recreated a reflection of biblical times. Those similar scenarios of a people that turned against Jesus many times and even worshiped false idols to satisfy their selfish desires. When a country becomes vulnerable with open doors because of its own war between its own people, it leaves a foothold for the foreign militias. Nations against nations. People against their own people. Families divided with their own laws. Children against their own parents. Christians against Christians. Laws passed so fast that there is no longer a civilized Congressional party. After citizens voted during the 2016 Campaign, Republican Donald Trump was announced as the new President of the United States. He has promised to turn around our country for the good. Maybe not too good, as in bringing back the days and nights when we could all enjoy the great outdoors with our families, feeling safe. Trump claims he has the power to bring peace, justice and a turnaround in change to the recent rapid corruption. It is done. The number of votes of the American people decided it was Trump. Not all citizens voted for him, and yes, our country is still the red, white, and blue. We have to take a stand and also decide to unite for what our country still stands for and stand together, as one, or our country will continue to deteriorate with those who are deciding to make their own laws. We now have to help one another to improve our communities, not tear them down. Help those that need to learn the skills to become who God wants them to be, and not be judgmental. Most of all be loving and pray for one another, and also for new elected President Trump. Pray for him so he may protect, and do well fulfilling his obligations. He has a major job now.I break every curse of the enemy used to separate God’s children from the awesome family unity and bonding that was molded under God’s law. I pray for peace and unity for our country. The acceptance of our new President is necessary to allow a chance for positive change. Everyone needs and deserves a chance to bring positive change to our society and world. Let us accept who we are, and who we really represent, God our Creator and Father.