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0ur life together

Odis and I met in March 1975 after a track meet while I was walking with friends. A couple of weeks later on our first date we talked about what we wanted our lives to be. It didn’t take long to realize how kind hearted he was and how much his family and friends meant…

My Brother, My Friend, Big Heart, Christian Man Reflections by Randy Scott

Floyd: I would rather be doing a different interview than the one we are doing today, but because I think that Odis was so significant in our community we need to take time and reflect on his life. Not only talk about him for ourselves, but talk about him because the community would appreciate it.…

Amazing Relief from Pain & Improved Mobility, What you can Expect: By Neil Hall

Relief from pain, improved mobility, complete body function improvement. Bowenwork sessions are a very mild bodywork that activates the bodies built in healing abilities. These abilities work to correct the cause of the problems you have. Results can begin almost immediately in many cases especially if problem has appeared recently, long-term problems take longer to…

Odis Dolton – Chief Social Worker

When Odis Debolancy Dolton III moved to Abilene from Greenville, MS to attend Abilene Christian College, he probably did not realize the incredible impact he would have on the city. But ask anyone who knew him, and they would assure you that the man’s influence was profound. He worked for the City of Abilene for…

Putting a Dark Place in the Rear View Mirror

If you were to look at the smile of Fred Morrell, you would just think everything was swell, but if you were to dig a little deeper and remove the veil, you would find out that Fred has been on a long hard journey, but he now sees a ray of hope and brighter days…

Jackie Morris Warmsley

Friday, July 16, 1926 – Wednesday, October 16, 2019 Jackie Morris Warmsley of Abilene passed away Wednesday, October 16, 2019. A memorial service will be held Thursday, October 24, 2019 at 11:00 am at North’s Memorial Chapel. Jackie was born July 16, 1926 in Abilene, TX to Alberta and Don Heath Morris. Jackie was a…

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