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Michael T. Royals Retirement

Michael only had one job during his career. He worked for Wal-Mart for 31 years, a rarity in these times. Most individuals will have 6 or 7 jobs during their careers. Michael’s friends prepared a delicious meal.


Bryan ISD’s Lester Banks gets record-setting support to win LifeChanger award. With support from the Bryan school district and broader community, Lester Banks broke the record for most support in National Life Group’s LifeChanger of the Year program. Out of 830 nominees, Banks received the LifeChanger of the Year Spirit Award on Wednesday afternoon at…

The Grave in the Middle of the Road: A Strange Texas Tale

A drive through Texas usually means fields of livestock, maybe cows or horses, a cotton field or two, and of course, the occasional cemetery. They’re particularly easy to see in the South Plains, where the land is flat, so cemeteries stick out like a sore thumb! Most of us aren’t used to seeing cemeteries in…

The Birthday Party

May 10, 2019. The Soundwave Bell Choir opened with a beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday to celebrate Mrs. Shirley Nowlin’s 79th birthday. The crowd sung along to Mrs. Nowlin. A party in her honor was held in the backyard of her residence Mayor Anthony Williams dropped in and said hello to the crowd and wished…

Western Heritage Rodeo

Every year in May, the working cowboys of the ranches in the Big County dust off their working gear and head for Abilene. Their rodeo seems to be the same as the ones you see on TV but then you start to see the differences between Pro cowboys and working cowboys.  The most visible is…

Big Country Hall of Fame Inductees

The 2019 Class of the Big Country Hall of Fame included a couple of firsts. First was the induction of Jackie Ramsey Cox, a 1970 graduate of Abilene Cooper High School who was an All-American Skeet Shooter and seven time World Champion.  A second first was Mark Oates, a 1981 graduate of Abilene High School,…