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Amazing Relief from Pain & Improved Mobility, What you can Expect: By Neil Hall

Relief from pain, improved mobility, complete body function improvement. Bowenwork sessions are a very mild bodywork that activates the bodies built in healing abilities. These abilities work to correct the cause of the problems you have. Results can begin almost immediately in many cases especially if problem has appeared recently, long-term problems take longer to…

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Household Helpers – 2019 The Old Farmer’s Almanac

-To clean copper-bottom pots, use ketchup. -Wrap cheese in parchment or wax paper, then place in an open plastic bag, store in the refrigerator -Water your houseplants with club soda that has gone flat. The chemicals that remain in the soda add vigor to the greenery. -To eliminate ink stains from a carpet, soak the…

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Bryan ISD’s Lester Banks gets record-setting support to win LifeChanger award. With support from the Bryan school district and broader community, Lester Banks broke the record for most support in National Life Group’s LifeChanger of the Year program. Out of 830 nominees, Banks received the LifeChanger of the Year Spirit Award on Wednesday afternoon at…

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The Grave in the Middle of the Road: A Strange Texas Tale

A drive through Texas usually means fields of livestock, maybe cows or horses, a cotton field or two, and of course, the occasional cemetery. They’re particularly easy to see in the South Plains, where the land is flat, so cemeteries stick out like a sore thumb! Most of us aren’t used to seeing cemeteries in…

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The Bridal Experience

By Ray Warmsley, February 10, 2019 Another Joyous Convention Center event hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Ben and Lindsey Cotton was The Bridal Experience Bridal Show. I missed the opening, but all those beautiful young women caused me to wonder was there any young men left in Abilene.

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Three Simple Steps that Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Three Simple Steps that Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals (StatePoint) Americans have mixed emotions around financial planning, a new study suggests. But setting specific goals can help you achieve the financial outcomes you want. Forty-eight percent of individuals with specific financial goals say they expect to be in a much better place in…

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Christmas Miracles

“If you folks don’t shoot; we won’t either.”By: Jack Walker It was a considerably charming proposition if there was one to linger long enough in the raw December air of 1914. The Atmosphere’s description not only nippy because of the ever- anticipated wintry discomfort that the season accommodated but more so the devastatingly painful and…

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A New Face of Unity

The Unity Spiritual Service Center at 2842 Barrow Street in Abilene is now hosting a new Minister. Janet Ellis, who actually lives in Arlington Texas, and she comes to Abilene on the last two Sundays of every month to serve and inspire the congregation of the Unity Center, for their weekly Sunday service. [[more]] Reverend…

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