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The Number One Stunner: GOAT Simone Biles Becomes 1st Person in History to Land Double-Double Dismount

Anne Branigin Here it comes: your regular reminder that Simone Biles is the most dominant athlete alive—and, at 22, the Greatest Gymnast of All Time. Biles made history again this weekend at the U.S. Gymnastics Championships in Kansas City, Missouri, where she became the first person ever to land two twists and two somersaults coming off the…

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Household Helpers – 2019 The Old Farmer’s Almanac

-To clean copper-bottom pots, use ketchup. -Wrap cheese in parchment or wax paper, then place in an open plastic bag, store in the refrigerator -Water your houseplants with club soda that has gone flat. The chemicals that remain in the soda add vigor to the greenery. -To eliminate ink stains from a carpet, soak the…

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Indeed a Juneteenth Celebration

On June 19, 2019 at G.V. Daniel’s Center was the place to be. No whiskey, wine, beer or drugs, just a plane ole people get together and neighborhood reunion over good BBQ, drinks, fresh air and wholesome conversation. People from all walks of life, different churches, and skin tones were there. Of course, duty called…

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Abilene’s Juneteenth Celebration

Throughout the years there have been Pastors who have taught bible study at G.V. Daniels Center. Their efforts are greatly appreciated. However, currently every Wednesday the bible study group is being taught by Pastor James Webb. Even though the teaching of God’s word has touched and enriched the lives of those attending, last year God…

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Michael Williams, inducted into the UPS Circle of Honor

Williams was honored for having 25 years of driving without an accident. He received the covet jacket that all UPS drivers receive who make the 25 year mark without an accident. His wife was presented a bouquet of flowers. Former UPS employees and friends from the community were on hand to celebrate with Williams.

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American Bio

American Bio (Editorial)This article was first published July 4th, 2015. As we watch the celebration in Washington, DC this evening we might want to reflect on this article. Are we as a nation moving closer to Christianity or Country?My Flag, My Country, My Gun, My Constitution, My Bible, My Christianity. I believe that it’s time…

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