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Archive for October 2016

Miller Receives the Richard Nelson Award

Floyd Miller, local investment professional and co-owner of the West Texas Tribune was honored at the 15th Annual Texas Association of African American Chamber’s Annual Convention in Austin Texas. {{more}}The award was presented by TAAACC Chairman and TAAACC Executive Director Charles O’neal. They stated that without an effective means to tell our story the work…

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Dr. McCaleb Interviews Award Winning Author William Joyce

William Joyce, author, illustrator, and filmmaker, was in town for the community luncheon held September 27th at The Hunter Welcome Center on ACU’s campus. He has written and illustrated over 50 children’s books, including Santa Calls . His works have received high recognition, including Academy and Emmy awards. Several of the sculptures in downtown Abilene…

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We Have To Take Responsibility

By T.K. PARKS What the world needs now is self-control?BBC News title “Guns in the U.S: The statistics behind the violence” Printed on January 5, 2016 {{more}} “The United States has approximately 300 million guns- nearly one for every member of the population including women and children.The StatisticsMass Shootings: There were 372 mass shootings in…

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Four Reasons I Don’t Drink Alcohol

I don’t want to beat anyone over the head. I don’t want to come across as “holier than thou.” And I don’t want to debate whether or not the wine into which Jesus changed the water was alcoholic. My thoughts on how we should handle this conversation have changed a little bit over the years.…

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By Jennifer Cowick A Stop the Violence meeting took place at St. Paul United Methodist Church on September 20th. The meeting was put together by ACT, a local group and stands for Accept responsibility, Collaborate, and Take action. Hostess of the function and Pastor of St. Paul, Felicia Hopkins, was there to welcome guests and…

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FTC improves telemarketing rules to further protect consumers

Unwanted marketing calls? You are not alone. Better Business Bureau regularly receives calls from consumers complaining about telemarketing calls and scams. {{more}}The Federal Trade Commission has recently improved telemarketing rules to further protect consumers by outlawing the use of payment methods that are nearly impossible to trace, leaving consumers vulnerable. Final amendments to the FTC…

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Keep Abilene Beautiful hosts Kirby Lake Cleanup

By Nicole Eaves, Keep Abilene Beautiful Coordinator ABILENE, Texas – Keep Abilene Beautiful would like to invite you to help us cleanup the litter and illegal dumping at Kirby Lake, 5650 Maple Street, on Saturday, October 15th, from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. {{more}} Show your appreciation for Kirby Lake by walking the shoreline and…

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By Jennifer Cowick We have all seen or heard the stories or results of physical and sexual abuse. The evidence of these things are clear and tangible. But what if there were a type of abuse that left no visible scar, no wound, no bruise, no broken bone, and no provable evidence whatsoever? Well, there…

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