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Archive for September 2016

What Is Fit For A KING?

When a Man owns everything, What will you offer Him as a gift?When a Man is the inventor of everything, What will your hands make in His honor?When a Man is worthy of constant praise,What time will you set apart to worship Him?When a Man is the inventor of all music,What song shall be played…

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Back to School Bash

The Majestic Barber and Braiding Salon was a busy place on August 16th. Marsha Jones, owner, was doing free haircuts and braiding and giving the children and their parents an opportunity to have another day of fun before heading back to school.“I Am King” was on hand to provide entertainment for the crowd.Ms. Jones gave…

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Get What’s Right, Not What’s Left

– If you are serious about economic empowerment, you must dismiss the empty rhetoric of pandering politicians, the transparent ramblings of self-righteous religious pretenders, the oratory of warmongering money-grubbing government officials, and the unbounded pronouncements and musings of speechifying intellectuals. {{more}} If your leaders are only talking about the problems and have nothing to show…

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BBB alerts consumers to protect Bluetooth-enabled devices

Better Business Bureau is alerting local residents to scammers using special software to hack into Bluetooth-enabled devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops and other devises.{{more}}Many drivers are turning to Bluetooth technology to safely talk hands-free as they drive, work or perform other activities, but scammers found ways to exploit this technology for their own underhanded…

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A Message to the Next President: Invest in America

– “America can’t compete if she continues to warehouse a significant proportion of her work force in poverty and ignorance. If America is going to be competitive, she can’t do so without investing in human resources.” — John E. Jacob, National Urban League President and CEO, 1982-1994 {{more}}As the major-party conventions conclude and the general…

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Five-Year Cancer Survivor from Abilene Celebrates Life

Five-Year Cancer Survivor from Abilene Celebrates Life with more than 140 Fellow Survivors from Across the Country. {{more}}Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Midwestern Regional Medical Center honors five-year cancer survivors at 28th annual Celebrate Life event ZION, IL – Carey Hiscock, a prostate cancer survivor from Abilene, Texas, joined more than 140 five-year cancer…

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Hillary Clinton Stands on the Shoulders of Shirley Chisholm

Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm announcing her candidacy for presidential nomination in 1972. PHOTO: Library of Congress – “Women in this country must become revolutionaries. We must refuse to accept the old, the traditional roles and stereotypes…We must replace the old, negative thoughts about our femininity with positive thoughts and positive action affirming it, and more.{{more}} But…

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By Jennifer I. Cowick I borrowed the title of this article from an event whose beginning was right here in Abilene on August 6. HANDS OF PEACE FROM THE WEST TO THE EAST was to be a chain of participants holding hands along Interstate 20 starting in Abilene and stretching all the way to Dallas.…

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