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Archive for June 2016

Teaching Kids to Accept Others

While racism and bigotry continue to exist in this country, experts say that social change is not impossible. {{more}}“Just follow the news and you’ll find ugly instances of racism occurring every day,” says Stephen L. Kanne, author of the new historical novel, “The Lynching Waltz.” “But it’s never too early or too late to promote…

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The Transgender Issue: An Issue of Compassion and Tolerance

by Jennifer I. CowickThe politicians will do as politicians do and mainstream media will do as the mainstream media does. But perhaps this issue is not one of civil rights or the lack there of. Perhaps this issue is not one of sexual predators and personal privacy being stolen. Perhaps it is an issue of…

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A Reason for Father’s Day

by Jennifer I. CowickI suspect Father’s day is merely an excuse to express certain things that are felt all of the time, but just are not said due to the risk of sounding overly sentimental or becoming emotional. {{more}}So, with our excuse intact, here it goes.Although we may not talk that frequently or get together…

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Child Abuse is on the Rise

Detective Erin Bennett, of the Youth Division/Missing Persons Division of the Abilene Police Department was the speaker at a recent Greater Kiwani’s of Abilene meeting.Detective Bennett, discussed the need for each of us to talk with our children and grandchildren about their safety. The statistics are alarming: {{more}}Each year, 40,000 children receive critical services at…

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Sage Yoga; A Hidden Treasure

by Jennifer I. CowickA diamond in the rough, somewhat hidden in the gruff exterior of Industrial Boulevard is Sage Yoga. One cannot tell by the frontispiece, but the facility is extensive, expansive and quite soothing. Sage Yoga, as the name implies, does offer yoga classes for varying levels, but they offer much more… Debbie Bowen,…

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Heroes and Blessings

by Ralph PorterA hero is defined as one who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements or notable qualities. That definition has stood the test of time, despite society’s efforts to redefine the word. In my family, heroes are still men and women who stand up for what is right and do the right thing despite…

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