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Archive for July 2015

Internationally acclaimed Cuban-American Artist Rolando Diaz

Internationally acclaimed Cuban-American artist and ACU alumnus Rolando Diaz has made a big splash on the city where he got his start as a professional years ago.This particular splash is a nearly 145-foot-long ocean-themed mural along the side of an historic building on South First Street between Butternut [[more]]and Cedar in Abilene. Diaz, who grew…

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Jesus Fed Five Thousand

Romans 8:3737 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.Jesus is the bread of life for our spiritual, just as bread is for our physical. I was in church one morning and the pastor handed out bread at the start of the sermon-three loaves of different kinds-told people…

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A Chance or an Opportunity?

Two older couples were riding in a car. The men in front and the women in back. Their car was behind a slower car. They couldn’t get around. The wife of the driver finally asked,” when are you going to pass that car? You’ve had several chances.” He answered, “I’m not looking for a chance.…

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Tips to Save Money on Pet Care

Being a great pet parent can be an expensive proposition if you aren’t careful.Spoiling your furry friends doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny. The discount experts at Dollar General are offering pet care tips for those on a budget.DIY Grooming:Although it may be tempting to drop your pet off at a professional groomer to…

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Eye of the Beholder

By Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq. – Many have given their opinions. Now it’s my turn to weigh in on the subject of race and the right of self-identification. My central question is, “With events occurring in the world that require serious attention, why is there so much interest in a white woman, Rachel Dolezal,…

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What About the Real Black women?

– By now, perhaps the disturbing story of Rachel Dolezal, the prevaricating White woman who passed for Black, led the Spokane NAACP, and wove a web of elaborate lies, has receded from media headlines. Probably not. I expect further follow-up, a book, and a reality show. While most African- Americans have concluded that Dolezal is…

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The Brief: Abbott’s Move to Poach General Electric

The Big ConversationBy: John ReynoldsGov. Greg Abbott acknowledges he isn’t the only governor trying to poach General Electric away from Connecticut, where the company is calling proposed tax increases “truly discouraging.”But in a letter Wednesday to GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, Abbott highlighted the Legislature’s just-passed tax deal as one reason why the company should pick…

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