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Archive for May 2015


Footprints left behind next to mine where you walked beside meEvery step I still take today, I seek your bright and shining lightMy creator, you breathed life in me. Oh! How you never leave me.Your holy presence power takes me to my knees to pray.I know I am not worthy of the awesome blessings from…

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The Ghenda Family

The Ghenda Family gave a Special Dinner to celebrate the birth of their son. In their Native Country many of the mother’s or babies die in childbirth. Once a child is three months old they celebrate the birth and give thanks to God.

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United Way of Abilene Announces Key City Rhythm & Blues Festival

By Bethany AshlockProceeds to benefit United Way Community Partners Abilene, TX – The Key City Rhythm & Blues Festival will make its debut in Abilene on June 6, 2015 at Frontier Texas!, 625 N. 1st, in downtown Abilene. The family-friendly event will benefit United Way of Abilene and its 25 Community Partners. Headline artists include…

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A solemn peace rests in the praying garden of love. The place where those that intercede, are filled with God’s grace, Where waterfalls refresh from showers of above Here, passionate hearts are welcomed in this unique place. In relation with our loving father that breathed life in us Communing with the angels in this awesome…

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Gangs Are Not the Way to Go

By Marilyn Miller,M. Ed. AndExecutive Director ofDaCipher 360 We are nearing the end of the school year and summer vacation is rapidly approaching. Young people across the country will have extra time on their hands, time that they may spend being adventurous, possibly in a negative way. This is a time when some of you…

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My Mom and I

By Mattie DixonMy mother is Mattie Miller, and I am the second to the oldest of nine siblings and the oldest girl in the family. Being the oldest girl in the family, I worked very closely with my mother and was given a great deal of responsibility. I observed many things about my mother and…

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Mom and Me

By Gail McKeelI remember vividly as a 16 year old thinking, “I’ll take care of my Mom when she gets old”. What I didn’t know at the age of 16 is how much my Mom would still be taking care of me at her young age of 90. You see, I’m the youngest of Mom’s…

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