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Archive for November 2013

About Us

The West Texas Tribune is a community based newspaper. The paper’s first edition was published on Mother’s Day 2005. We have not missed a publication since that time. Our main emphasis is to cover events in our local market.This is a neighbor to neighbor business to business newspaper. We do cover some stories outside of…

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New Exhibits Opening in November

New Exhibits Opening in NovemberVergeSignature Artist MembersNovember 5 – December 21, Jane Breed GalleryOpening Reception Thursday, November 14, during ArtWalkVerge: the edge, border, limit; the rim, lip, threshold, cusp, or margin; the brink. To be in transition to some state or quality; to incline or tend toward; to approach closely. This is where the contemporary…

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Tips to Make Owning a Car More Affordable

From gas, parking permits and insurance premiums, to maintenance and repairs, owning a car can be an expensive prospect. But motorists can pave the way to lower costs by following a few clever rules of the road:Reduce Your RateShop around for auto insurance, as prices can vary widely between companies. For a cheaper rate, avoid…

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Tips to Stay on Budget this Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time of friends, family, and good cheer.  But it can also be a time of pressure, arguments, obligations and spending money — lots of money.“People get caught up in the season, the lights and emotions of the holiday, often allowing their good financial sense to take a holiday too,” says…

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The Hispanic Mercado

The Hispanic Mercado saw a large and continuous crowd of people seeking information about Hispanic owned and orientated businesses. All of the booths were energetic and friendly. Most could answer questions in English and Spanish. The giveaways were varied and mostly useful. This included the multitude of candy I could put in the provided bags…

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Tortuga: The Flower Shops that brings Comfort and Joy

I walked into Tortuga Flower Shop on 2608 South 14th St. a few days ago. I met Rick and Louann Rau, the friendly owners of Tortuga Flowers Inc.Their shop has a very personal feel. It’s easy to get the feeling that you are going to see friends and while you are there, you may plan…

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McMurry Computer Sale

McMurry, HSU and ACU provide opportunity for purchasing both Mac and PC computers that are mostly in good shape and generally not more than two years old. They post the auctions in the newspaper and online. I have checked several times and found that the prices at these auctions are generally half to two-thirds of…

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