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Archive for August 2013

More Americans Optimistic About the Future

Certain things may be beyond your control — the weather, the stock market or whether your favorite team wins or loses its next game. However, new findings show that possessing an optimistic attitude makes you more likely to take charge of your life in key ways — from healthy eating and visiting the doctor annually,…

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New Technology Helps Boomers and Seniors Have Fun and Stay in Touch

StatePoint) Whether you’re a technophobe who is reluctant to make new purchases, or you warmly embrace every trend, you may be excited to hear about user-friendly innovations, such as touch screen computers, that can make life easier and more fun:• Show and tell: Miss your grandkids? New desktop computers, laptops and two-in-one detachable PCs like…

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Tips for Running Your Home on a Budget

Whether you are living paycheck to paycheck or have cash to spare at the end of the month, it’s wise to trim unnecessary costs. By spending less on the things you need, you’ll have more for the things your family wants. Do a quick assessment of the way you run your home and you may find…

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International Store Moves to New Location

The International Market Store that was formerly located at 2433 S. 7th St. has moved to 1033 North Willis St.This new location will give them more space to display their merchandise. They carry African American, Caribbean and Mexican merchandise.You will find African clothes, Jewelry, and Beauty Creams and Lotions. They also have Music, CD’s, DVD’s…

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Are Women Better Leaders than Men?

With more women rising to top positions in business and government, the topic of women and their capacity for leadership has been all the buzz in the media lately.From Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg’s message to women to “lean in,” to Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer’s seemingly family-unfriendly human resources policies, societal expectations of women in…

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Floyd E. Miller Presents: WEEKLY ECONOMIC UPDATE for July 22, 2013

CONSUMER PRICES RISE 0.5% FOR JUNEGas prices soared 6.3% last month, and they contributed greatly to the jump in the Consumer Price Index. Core inflation increased just 0.2% in June. As the headline CPI advanced only once during March-May, does this signal mounting inflation pressures? Maybe not. Looking deeper into the CPI, annualized core inflation…

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Refinancing Can Save You Thousands

Refinancing has become very attractive to homeowners who made purchases when interest rates were higher and their personal credit scores were lower. Not only do homeowners gain an advantage by refinancing at a lower interest rate, they also benefit from higher credit scores. Lenders reward people who have a history of making their payments on…

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Unliked on Facebook

Yesterday I was looking at my Facebook likes and saw that I have been unliked by five fans. My initial thoughts were what did I say or do? So I decided to check my Insights. Insights are the statistics behind Facebook. It contains information about how engaged or viral posts are. Below you will see…

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Operation Blue Jeans: A Ministry of Christian Service Center

Since 1967, the Christian Service Center has conducted a back to school clothing drive called Operation Blue Jeans. Its purpose is to provide a new pair of jeans, underwear and socks for underprivileged students in Abilene. In addition, school supplies are provided to low-income Abilene students. We also offer children’s Bibles.Helping low-income Abilene children and…

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