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Archive for January 2013

Celebrities Born on New Year’s Day

Courtesy of It would be great to be born on New Year’s Day. What fun it mustbe. It’s a time of a new start, a fresh beginning and a renewal. To beassociated with those positives on your birthday would be a great uplifting toyour spirit! Just when the Christmas season’s hustle and bustle…

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New Year’s Resolution: Give Yourself a New Hair Look

If you’ve sported the same hairstyle since telephones came with cords, this might be the year to make a change. Keep in mind, hair makeovers don’t have to be drastic to look great. There’s no need to shed massive amounts of length. Instead, the refresh can be subtle and chic. Here are four ways to…

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Fun Facts for New Year’s: Wear Red Underwear, Lock Your Car and Eat Black-Eyed Peas

Your Car and Eat Black-Eyed Peas By: SuzyRavasio Chudzik November 2, 2012 If you’recelebrating New Year’s Eve this year and find a lull in the conversation,impress your family and friends with this New Year’s trivia. ·Accordingto statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, morevehicles are stolen on New Year’s Day than on any other…

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Mystic brilliantlights shine on your beautiful eyes as we dance. To romantic musicserenading us for the moment. Dancing to familiarlyrics of our era as it seems to entrance Taking us both to anever-ending feeling of love.   That magic in youreyes that attracts me to your beauty, As we delight withmelodies of our favorite artists…

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Oh the Children

Dedicated to the children that lost their lives at ShadyHook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut Oh thechildren, the Shady Hook children now they are souls. The gunmantook their lives. Very young many died. Never to grow old.   Oh the children,the Shady Hook children your parents are broken and torn. No moreChristmas or toys for their…

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How to Get a Job You Love in the New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate your career and take control of your professional life. And doing so may be easier than you think in today’s economy, where one-third of the American workforce is now comprised of freelancers.  Experts say self-employed, independent workers have gone mainstream and are here to stay. “From…

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Courtesy of Melissa Whilhoite NASHVILLE, Tenn.— More than one and a half million families have positivelychanged their financial future through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Updated in summer 2012, the now nine-week course provides families andindividuals with practical tools to gain control of their finances and setthemselves up for long-term financial success. The course meets…

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Floyd E. Miller Presents: Weekly Economic Update for December 24, 2012

HOW LONG WILL THE FISCAL CLIFF IMPASSELAST? Hopesfor a fiscal cliff deal dwindled last week as the “Plan B” proposalbacked by House Speaker John Boehner failed to attract enough support. Friday,President Obama urged lawmakers to craft a smaller-scale bill that could atleast protect long-term jobless benefits and sustain the Bush-era tax cuts forAmericans making $250,000…

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