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Archive for September 2012


Skill and Strategy Play Part inUnique Tournament COLUMBIA, S.C. – The Berkley®/Sebile® Big Bass Challenges arebass fishing’s version of “Texas Hold Em,” for amateur fishermen. This uniqueformat matches angling skill with a weigh-in strategy. Anglers can weigh-in asingle fish each hour to try to earn a portion of the hourly payouts, whichalso places them in…

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Homemade Rolls

This recipe appeared on the 1985-1986 edition of A Whole Lotof Soul From Texas Cookbook, sponsored by the Abilene Black Chamber ofCommerce. At the time, the officers were:                 President: NeomiaBanks                 Vice President:Rufus Johnson                 Treasurer: BillyKing                 Parliamentarian:DeWitt Fitzgerald                 Secretary: Dee DeeWashington   This recipe is from Billy King and his mother,…

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Sweet Memories of Family’s Preacher Cake

Beyond tasting good, sometimes the most important thing about a recipe is the memories behind it. Home cook Susan Swanson remembers her father making this cake often for company outings and potlucks. He said it was easy to remember the ingredients because there were two of almost everything! While this sweet, nutty, moist cake is…

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$2.99all-day buffet pricing says “thanks!” to loyal guests Aug. 22, 2012 – To thank its loyal guests during the busy back-to-schoolseason, CiCi’s Pizza will host its first National GuestAppreciation Day on Sept. 6. Participating restaurants will offer CiCi’s Pizza’s endless buffet for just $2.99 all dayfrom 11 a.m. until closing time. “At CiCi’s, we havefamilies…

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Four Essential Tips To Make The Most Of Your Résumé

Job hunting can be a frustrating experience. Many times you can apply for what seems like the perfect job only to never hear back. With most open positions receiving an overwhelming number of applicants these days, it’s extremely important to set yourself apart from the pack. The most essential part of landing an interview is…

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Door-to-door Selling Complaints Projected to Double Over Last Year

BetterBusiness Bureau receives complaints each year from consumers who unknowinglyfall for scamming door-to-door solicitors. While many door-to-door salespersonsare honest, BBB receives troubling complaints from consumers who purchaseditems like magazines that never came, cosmetics and photography of poorquality, even meat that was no good. BBB warns that deceptive door-to-doorsellers are looking to make a quick buck…and…

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Something to Dance About

You can bet your bottomdollar that supporting you local community and shopping within it has benefitsthat far exceed what you might think. What if you could get exactly what you needed without having to shop onlineor travel too far? I mean who wouldn’t want to save a little gas and time whenyou can?  Well just a…

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Make Sure Kids And Teens Are Fully Vaccinated For The School Year

The beginning of the school year is a great time to make sure your children’s vaccinations are up-to-date. Informed parents know that immunizations save lives. But even those who vaccinated their babies and toddlers dutifully may not be aware that the recommended vaccination schedule continues through the later teen years. Research published by the American…

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A Great Idea For Do-it-Yourselfers

Warm weather is here! And for do-it-yourselfers this means it’s time to get cracking on home renovations. If you’re planning a project that requires lumber, consider forgoing newly cut wood for something with a bit more history. “Salvaged lumber is old growth wood, which means it’s stronger, has tighter grains, and looks better than newer…

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