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Archive for July 2010

4 Easy Ways to Shape-Up This Summer

Eating is a favorite pastime for many of us. It’s a key part of our recreation and entertainment, a great way to break the ice in new relationships, and a central element in social functions. For many, food is also reward, grief-assuager, comforter, pain reliever or monotony breaker. We eat when we work, relax and…

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Buckle Up and Stop Texting!

The number of drivers and passengers who use seat belts has been climbing nationwide, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and “Click It or Ticket” campaigns. National seat belt use has jumped from 58 percent in 1994 to 84 percent in 2009, due in large part to high-profile campaigns and enforcement.…

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Drinking Less Sugar May Lower Blood Pressure

Drinking fewer sugary beverages may lower blood pressure, according to new research published in the medical journal Circulation. We’ve all heard warnings about sugar and obesity or diabetes. Now comes evidence linking it to blood pressure. Drinking one less sugar-sweetened beverage daily was associated with drops in blood pressure in a study of 800 adults…

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Get Ready for That Family Vacation

Just walking out the door for that big family vacation can be hectic. Did you pack the kids’ swimsuits? How about sunscreen or bug repellant? Did you turn off the lights and lock up? Compiling a checklist of your vacation necessities and being properly prepared will keep things running smoothly. Come Prepared No matter the…

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How To Make Your Home Safer This Storm Season

Severe weather has been hitting all over the country, and now storm season is here — with harsh storms, hurricanes and tornadoes bringing threats to homes and families. It’s important to plan ahead and properly prepare your house. If you wait until a storm is bearing down on the neighborhood, stores may be out of…

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Stay Balanced: Tips to Better Manage Diabetes

Diabetes affects more than 23 million people in the United States, with type 2 diabetes representing 90 to 95 percent of those cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control . But the good news is that people with type 2 diabetes can find balance in their lives with a structured plan that includes proper…

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Top 10 Ways to Go Green This Summer

With summer upon us, it’s easy to approach your favorite activities and those routine chores with a little more thought towards the environment. “In our daily routines, we can lessen the impact we have on the environment. And since summertime is here, and we’ll be enjoying the outdoors, traveling and staying cool, it’s a great…

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Ways to Control Allergies and Breathe Easier

Many people battle allergies when the weather first warms. But the summer and fall seasons aren’t exactly a symptom-free walk through the park, either! Characterized by dry conditions and high humidity levels, these months can be just as troubling for allergy sufferers as the difficult spring season. This year in particular is proving tough for…

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ABILENE, TX – The American Junior Golf Association is pleased to invite you toparticipate in our Junior-Am Tournament. This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of thistournament in Abilene. The event allows you to play a competitive round of golf with one of thefuture stars of the game. Team and individual spots are still open and…

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Walking down the aisle at a graduation ceremony to receive a high school diploma brings a good feeling with an accomplishment that always wins. It is a proud moment for all students that work hard academically awaiting their future endeavors. It was an achievement for family member, Michael Ruiz, 19.Over the years he will thank…

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