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Archive for October 2009

Get Tax Credits By Going Green At Home

It’s about time homeowners got an economic stimulus of their own. The economic downturn has affected many homeowners, but a new law called the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act now is offering tax credits for energy efficient home improvements. This stimulus bill is enabling homeowners to add dollars back into their bank accounts, while reducing…

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Fundraiser for Duane Hufstedler

Fundraiser for Duane Hufstedler Abilene Festival Gardens – $10.00 min. donationMeal and beverage while supplies last.Saturday October 24th 4:30 till 10:00 pmTo help defray medical costs after motorcycle accident Duane was hit by a drunk driver Family friendly – auction – music

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Fall Lawn Care Can Set The Stage For Next Season

With summer and spring often stealing the lawn and garden spotlight, you may be surprised to learn the most important lawn care season is just now upon us. Fall lawn care is critical, as it sets the stage for a healthy, beautiful landscape in the seasons ahead. “After months of damaging summer heat, the landscape…

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Dr. Joseph Williams

Dr. Joseph Williams a native son of Abilene, was back in town to launch his new book, Who Do You see in the Mirror? Dr. Williams started out by asking the crowd how they would describe behavior in our society today. Most people said we are a society that is out of control. Dr. Williams…

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100 Percent of Donations from Recent “Round-Up” Program Benefit Boys & Girls of Abilene, Inc. the JCPenney Store’s Afterschool Fund PartnerBoys & Girls Club of Abilene, Inc. and JCPenney celebrate Lights On AfterschoolAbilene, TX – Thanks to funds raised through a recent “Round-Up” program at the JCPenney at The Mall of Abilene local children in…

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More Photos from the West Texas Fair Parade

Joe Starkey’s Photos of the West Texas Fair Parade.{{more}} West Texas Fair Parade. Photo by Joe Starkey. West Texas Fair Parade Photo by Joe Starkey. West Texas Fair Parade Photo by Joe Starkey. West Texas Fair Parade. Photo by Joe Starkey. West Texas Fair Parade Photo by Joe Starkey. West Texas Fair Parade Photo by…

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West Texas Fair and Parade

After spending over $40.00 for some food and 6 rides at the fair , I was beginning to feel that the fair had lost sight of the folks who come out. Then I talked to a local barber who spent almost $200.00 as he walked in the gate. He brought his wife and 5 children…

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It’s The 70th Anniversary of WWII: America Remembers

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of World War Two and Americans continue to be gripped by this tumultuous period in our nation’s history. In addition to commemorations nationwide, there are dozens of films and books that have been or are being released, bringing the war home for millions of Americans. “It…

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How To Hold A Family Fire Drill

Most Americans haven’t taken any home fire safety actions, according to the Home Safety Council . “With less than three minutes to escape if a fire occurs, every home needs a well-rehearsed escape plan and working smoke alarms,” said Meri-K Appy, HSC president. Make a fire escape plan with every family member. Sketch a map…

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