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Archive for December 2007

Billy King named Outstanding Citizen at Chamber Banquet

It is not often that the speaker at a business meeting starts by requesting two gospel songs, but Ms. Cynthia Fitzgerald made exactly that request to Mrs. Susan Petty. Mrs. Petty received a standing ovation after an outstanding rendition of “Soon I’ll be done with the trouble of the World”.Ms. Fitzgerald was introduced as a…

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The Third Season

Texas football coaches live and die by their three seasons. First season is played against non-conference teams and is only important when the coach comes up to be rehired on their total win/loss record.Second season is District {{more}} play and these games decide if the coach and team get to go on the third season.…

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It’s time to start fighting back DR. WALLACE: I’m 13 and sort of overweight. A boy who lives across the street keeps calling me names such as “Fatso,” “Lard Buns,” “Elephant Hips” and other things you couldn’t print. I go to a public school, but he goes to a fancy private school and thinks he’s…

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