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Archive for October 2007


Midland Police continue to search for a Midland man who has not been heard from since six weeks ago. Police received a report for a missing person on August 28th. 38-year-old Timothy Dane McCabe left Monday morning, August 27, 2007, in route to his job in Hobbs, New Mexico. On Tuesday, his boss called his…

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Early Detection is Key to Saving Lives

The American Cancer Society predicts that breast cancer will affect over 180,000 women in the United States in the 2007. Although breast cancer is becoming more common, affecting about one out of every eight women, it is very treatable if found early. Early detection is the best defense against breast cancer, subsequently lowering the mortality…

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North and South undefeated? Say it IS so!

It’s a fact! As of September 27th, both Abilene and Cooper High varsity football teams are undefeated this season. The key word for both teams so far has been ‘defense’. There are some names that are becoming household names in the Big Country already. Just to name a few—C. Williams, Harris, Cooke, Butler, McDow, Lackey,…

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Texas rapper David Chris releases album in Abilene!

On August the 24th, Dallas rapper David Chris swept through the cities of both Abilene and Sweetwater Texas. He and his executives did so in an effort to promote and release his album. The album release took place at the Hastings Books Music and Videos store located at 4654 South 14th Street. He sold copies,…

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