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Archive for August 2007

Mr. Bob Walker retires from Taylor County

Mr. Bob Walker retired after 23 years service to Taylor County. Starting as a probation officer over in the court house, he ended his service as the Community Service Coordinator in a building that he helped design and organize the procedures. {{more}} His first career was in the US Air Force and after retiring from…

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NAACP 2007 Freedom Banquet

Personal Responsibility was the key theme of this year’s dinner. The introductory speaker remembered the differences between Detroit in July of 1967 with the 12th Street Riot resulting in martial law, 43 dead and 5,000 homeless when 10,000+ people on both sides of the law made a poor personal choice {{more}} while in Abilene, the…

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Harry Potter the last book

The last Harry Potter book was released at 12:01 AM Saturday, July 21st and there were long lines all over the United States waiting. Friday night, my daughter who grew up with Harry was at Books a Million {{more}} with me to admire the folks willing to come in costume and stay up till midnight…

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A blessed day a wonderful life !

As long as I can remember birthdays have been a huge occasion in the Miller family. You always knew there would be a celebration and you would have a variety of food dishes. Birthdays are almost like a reunion in our family because we celebrate everyone who was born in that month; however May is…

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Art Walk August 2007

It was a hot August day and the art world had gone to the dogs. Big dogs, little dogs and middle dogs were all roaming the streets of downtown Abilene and wandering thru the displays of art in the Cockerell Gallery and the Museum of Contemporary Art and most probably the other areas of Abilene…

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Hurricane Katrina Remembered: New Orleans rapper Choppa remembers Katrina while Texas rapper Black Stallion makes her Debute.

An interview by Sienna MillerQ: How long have you been rapping?Choppa- “forever!”Q: Can you think back to a specific age?Choppa- “Since about the age of six.”Q: What got you interested in rapping, in the first place?Choppa- “It was always a hobby of mine…something I always did coming up. I’d put words together and said I…

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Gentlemen it has recently come to my awareness that a new day has arrived in Abilene. Our community has taken all it is willing to take and has agreed to sacrifice the few for the whole.We the former or accused drug dealers {{more}} and users are that animal that is on the altar being sacrificed.The…

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A perfect day for snow

Yes, Saturday, July 14th, may have been right in the middle of Summer, but Snow returned to Abilene the day before! Of course, that Snow was Justin Snow, Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts longsnapper.Snow was in Abilene Friday, {{more}} July 13th, hosting Snow’s Special Teamer’s Camp, which is a camp for disabled youth. Snow, along…

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Community Garden preps for its first growing season

The brush and debris has been cleared and the ground is ready to be tilled in preparation for the new Community Garden at the corner of Hobbs Street and Garden Avenue.The garden project, on an {{more}} acre donated through the Community Foundation of Roswell, was started by a group of concerned community agencies from REACH…

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