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Archive for February 2007

Freedom Lover

History is a subject that absolutely fascinates some. Others, though, have a hard time understanding why we bother to study the past. “Those who don’t study the past are doomed to repeat it,” is a saying that teachers often repeat when asked this question. In addition, {{more}} they might say that valuable lessons can be…

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Smokin’ and Drinkin”

The man in the hospital bed back in Fitzsimons Army Medical Center NEVER smoked a day in his life. The Doctors had just told him he had pancreatic cancer directly related to smoking and LESS THAN SIX MONTHS TO LIVE. The time he spent in the smoke filled {{more}} break rooms as an Air Force…

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January Artwalk

First stop was the Contemporary Arts Center to watch the Cooper High School Students put on some scenes from the musical “Cats” which they will be performing at 7:30 PM on February 2nd and 3rd and February 8 – 10 at the same time at the Cooper High School Auditorium with a matinee on the…

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MLK Dinner

Just maybe, but very doubtfully and needing a lot more incentive than a hundred dollar savings bond could you have gotten me as a fifth grader to stand up and give a two minute speech to a large group of adults but that is exactly what Kelly Bowen, Vernon Willis and Taylor McLoud did {{more}}…

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What Cans Can Do

Denise Dennis glows when she talks about the West Texas Rehabilitation Center. As one of the center’s first clients back in the 1960’s, Denise benefited greatly from the therapy she received there. Denise was born with cerebral palsy. Her mother, Skeet, knew Denise had problems when, as an infant, she had to teach Denise how…

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TOPs in Blue

“We came here to sing!” was the joyous announcement that tells you the heart of over 35 very talented young men and women of the Air Force. They hit the stage at 7:30 PM and went non-stop with high stepping, high energy productions of everything from soul to Tom Jones with stops at country and…

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If you love peanut butter, read this!

Anyone who loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter on crackers, peanut butter spread on celery sticks needs to be grateful for the work of George Washington Carver. Carver was a brilliant, but humble man who loved God and His creation. Carver overcame obstacles and became one of the most influential black men of…

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Switching up things in Texas

DJ Mr. Switch is making his presence known all around the state of Texas and it’s to the tune of success! His specialization include Hip Hop, Rap, some R&B music as well as the creation of Graphics in many forms. DJ Switch originally began making beats around the age of 15. Moving quickly, he received…

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Hometown Hero Dominic Rhodes, Heads to Superbowl with the Colts

There could not be a more interesting time in the history of Abilene Texas, than to have two former Abilene Independent School District football players head to the Super Bowl, together. Both number thirty-three Running Back, Dominic Rhodes {{more}} and number forty-eight Snapper Justin Snow are on their way to the 2007 Super Bowl in…

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Superbowl Prediction

So, in a nutshell, the team with the most points at the end of the game will win the Super bowl, whether it’s the Bears or the Colts. No, seriously! The Colts are seven point favorites and the Bears are considered the underdogs. How many times have we seen this picture? The outcome could go…

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