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Archive for July 2006

Professional Bowling Assocation tour in Abilene

The regional PBA tour stopped at Abilene Lanes last weekend. After watching them thrown more strikes than not, I stopped one of the top twenty five qualifiers and asked him about how he came to be on the tour. Derrick Woods of Houston is twenty three and started bowling when he was eight years old.…

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Long Live the King

How does a Middle School history Teacher from Dallas become A Moorish Tiger, Knight of Spain and two-times King of Ansteorra? The simple answer is Force of Arms. The true answer requires some background. These are the Current Middle Ages in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Society for Creative {{more}} Anachronism, , is a…

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USA Classic

If you love basketball and did not attend the Classic between Texas and Louisiana on 22 July at McMurry – you missed a great game. Texas scored first but Louisiana soon built a 12-2 lead. Coach Terrance Crips of Abilene was using a two platoon system with his Louisiana All Stars and his first 5…

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Time To Bury The Death Tax

America is the land of opportunity. Since the formation of our republic, hard-working men and women in search of a better life have arrived on our shores, inspired by the hope that they would one day pass the fruits of their labor on to their children and grandchildren. This is the American dream. The death…

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Concert at the Zoo

Music floated out over the twilight at the Abilene Zoo Thursday night. A few people sat on chairs and benches while many more walked thru the zoo watching the animals and enjoying the nice breeze that started up shortly before 7 PM. Abilene is invited to a series of summer concerts at the Zoo. {{more}}…

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Revisit the Legacy

Loving, caring and concerned – these are some words students used to describe many of the teachers who educated African-American students at Woodson. Several individuals expressed these feelings at the Woodson All-Class Reunion, held the weekend of July 7-9. Edwin McGee, Dorothy Gaines and Claudia Burns, class {{more}} of 1966, enjoyed the reunion’s banquet, held…

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Spotlight on Business

Reverend Iziar Lankford knows that he is a blessed man. He ministers at a wonderful church and enjoys working at Arrow Dealerships, selling Fords, Chryslers, Mitsubishis and pre-owned cars Reverend Lankford lived in Abilene in the mid 1960s when he was stationed at Dyess Air Force Base. He met his wife here and, a year…

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Operation Blue Jeans

Christian Service Center’s “Operation Blue Jeans” is up and running! Each eligible child from a low-income family receives a pair of jeans and two pairs of socks and underwear to start the school year. Last year, more than 600 children received new clothing.In addition, the Center gives every child who needs a Bible an age-appropriate…

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Homeless in Denver

The first time seventeen-year-old Katie Morgan traveled to Denver with her youth group from the Southern Hills Church of Christ, it had a profound impact on her life. When she returned to Abilene, she was so affected with the plight of the homeless here that she now gives away food and water to some of…

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Robert Rickertts – Democrat for District 19

Mr. Robert Rickertts came to Abilene on 20 June to promote his candidacy for the House of Representatives seat from the 19th District. He held an informational session at the Information Center and then moved on to a billed fund raising dinner at Harold’s Bar-B-Q. A good sense of his style could be observed at…

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