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Archive for May 2006

Spot Light on Teachers

Family, friends and students gathered May 8, 2006 while Abilene honored 44 teachers for unwavering dedications and commitment to the students of Abilene. {{more}} The ceremony featured both a video clip showing the teachers at work in the classroom and a personal recognition as each was called to the stage to receive a plaque honoring…

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Western Heritage Classic

Most of what goes on in this three day celebration of the working ranch hand is for adults. Kids can watch but the adults show and buy horses, hold a ##: Read More ## Western Art Show and compete at adult ranch work events. But when it comes to the Stick Horse Rodeo, the kids…

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Wylie Students Overnight at the Zoo

Approximately 15 Wylie Middle School students got to spend the night locked in the zoo. The purpose of the lock in was to see the behind the scenes activities at the zoo. They also got to prepare bars of pumpkin, oats and honey to feed both the monkeys and the bears. They went into the…

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Head Start Celebration Day

The Region 14 Head Start and Early Head Start Program celebrated the end of the school year with a day at the Abilene Zoo and a party at the Festival Gardens across from the Zoo. They also held early registration for next year’s program for families from the {{more}} area from Stevens County to Mitchell…

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Walk for Invisible Children

8:30 PM and the sun was mostly gone as green shirted posse members were on the lookout for straggler students from local colleges and high schools who had stopped what they were doing at 7 PM, gathered enough belongings to stay the night and started walking towards the safety of the parking lot {{more}} of…

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I-CAN Annual Spring Cleamup and Health Fair

G V Daniels Recreation Center was a hive of activity on Saturday, April 22 as student volunteers, health professionals and city re-cycling center crews all pitched in to help clean up and educate Carver Neighborhood. South West Home Health Care had technicians doing free blood pressure checks. The YWCA Breast Cancer {{more}} Awareness program was…

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Kiwanis Pancake Day

The Kiwanis Clubs of Abilene gathered with the Boy Scouts, 4-H and Boys and Girls Club members to feed Abilene pancakes and sausages till every body who attended at the Civic Center had their fill. 14 year old Hailey Dods is one of the most dedicated of the volunteers. This is her third straight year…

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Abilene Lawyer Becomes Federal Judge

Texas lawyer Dave Haigler was sworn in as a federal administrative law judge in Abilene on Friday, March 28, 2006 at 4 p.m. in the federal courtroom at 341 Pine, second floor, by District Judge Thomas M. Wheeler. A dutch-treat dinner roasting the new judge was held at Harlows Smokehouse at 2002 N. Clack St.…

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West Texas Tribune Celebrates A Birthday

This edition of the paper represents our first anniversary. The first edition was published May 8, 2005. Today I would like to highlight the stories of that first issue by using a few quotes.Abilene Citizens Express Concerns by Joe Starkey. This story involved a Town Hall Meeting called by Councilman Anthony Williams, NAACP President Petty…

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A diamond in the rough is what you are!The world’s greatest gift you are God’s chosen star.With a smile so radiant it would put the moon to shame!Heart filled with so much love it makes the sun seem like a flame.Wisdom and truth is what you being us, near or far you’ll always be with…

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